Silo cleaning

Silo cleaning

All types of storage vessels, any material stored in bulk storage vessels can eventually hang up on the walls and reduce capacity or create flow problems.

The cleaning of silos serve to reduce microbial contamination, which is the unintentional or accidental contamination of some sort of infections material.

Due to the feed hygiene and salmonella regulations, silo cleaning is a mandatory requirement for every food manufacturer.

Therefore we offer you complete cleaning & disinfection of the silo, both outside and inside Cleaning the hopper, conveyor unit and exhaust pipes, soaking the debris Implementation of all necessary sealing and maintenance work.

Silos can be cleaned in a variety of different ways, but for the most part, the cleaning process involves brushing the insides of the silo, and scraping the insides. Our trained technicians take special care to avoid scratching the silos.

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