Our calling

We create additional value for the customer. We constantly strive to exceed our customers’ expectations
and our « 100%-satisfaction-guarantee » policy gives you security. 

Feedback is an essential part of any service that we offer, because it gives us the opportunity
to improve it and offer the perfect service you are looking for.

Feedback from our customers, partners and suppliers

Successfull cooperation

 » […] The business relationships with you as the negotiator have always been characterized by partnership. This cooperation has led to a significantly better employee and / or hygiene level in the companies. […] « 


Quick implementation

 » […] Your hygiene concept has proven itself very well right from the start and we appreciate that you always accompany and implement our concerns and projects with good ideas. Even in lockdown, despite delivery bottlenecks, you took care of everything and confidently helped shape all of our duty roster changes. […] « 


Good collaboration

 » […] From the conversion of the cleaning chemistry including the documentation, through projects for Listeria prevention to saving projects, we have worked together successfully with our mutual customers. […] « 

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    Profis Industrie Service

    Producing healthy food is a super clean environment is the begining of a healthy life for us hygiene does not mean reworking, but starting with top quality right from the start. Profis Industrie Service GmbH stands for high quality work and excellent customer service


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