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Cleaning control as part of a cleaning or hygiene plan is part of a company’s own HACCP self-monitoring system for food safety. But the cleaning control app is also used in other industries with high hygiene standards. Together with our team partner Linstep Software GmbH we offer you this service.

With digital checklists, inspection plans and forms as well as with field types such as checkbox, selection field, free text, date or time stamp, inspections can be carried out in a standardised procedure without pen and paper. The software enables reliable documentation of cleaning measures. The data can also be accessed at any time afterwards for evaluations.

Meeting requirements more easily

Check whether we meet the specifications of your cleaning and disinfection plan. With the app for smartphone or tablet, you can document complaints immediately on the spot using images, text entries and checklists.

Tasks or rework resulting from the test results are sent directly to us via an automated e-mail function. The cleaning order is completely documented until completion.

You define the control areas and localities in the Hygiene-App yourself. These are, for example, superordinate areas such as building, floor, department and subordinate locations such as canteen, laboratory, laundry.

Online & offline

The App for mobile devices with Android operating systems establishes communication with the database server via the Internet. The App also works in offline mode. This means that the user can work anywhere without a network connection. In this case, the data is temporarily stored in the App.

As soon as the user is back in the WLAN area, the data is synchronised with the server by tapping on the update button or automatically if desired.

All communication is recorded and archived in a structured manner. The hygiene and cleaning control App can be expanded at any time and is individually tailored to your requirements.

For example, we can be notified by default email address. The electronic message contains an attached PDF file with the documented cleaning error and an automatically generated link. This provides us with information about the documented defect.

We respond to the notification and explain which measures for eliminating the fault will be implemented by a certain date and how cleaning defects of this kind can be excluded for the future. This response is fed back into the database and is displayed in the data overview in the browser. After another check, the person in charge decides whether the fault has actually been rectified or whether a further notice of defect must be sent. The process is not completed until the defect has actually been rectified.

Making it easier to comply with the rules

In the area of food and animal feed production, numerous legal requirements, standards and safety guidelines such as:

No matter which industry you come from, our cleaning control software is a modular web application that can also
be combined with other quality assurance modul.

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