Professional advice

Professional advice

A professional consultation is important for a successful cleaning and a satisfied customer. You are unsure on where the problem in your company is or what cleaning method is the best for you that fits your needs and your company philosphy? Together we will go step by step to find the right way just for you. With our specialist staff you are in good hands.

1. The perpetration

After the first contact and exchange of information, we will carry out an inspection at the object. We will accompany your day-to-day work and closely observe the work processes, cleaning processes and production processes. It is important to understand, that various processes are interdependent and influence one another. All relevant observations are documented and sorted. 

2. The analysis

After the inspection, all documented records are checked and then analyzed. We examine and check the processes e.g. after:

3. Further investigations

In more complex matters, we also focus on investigating other possible sources of problems. This includes microbiology, the control of energylosses (for example of water, sewage, electricity or indoor air). Closed systems are checked by us as well as the dosage of the chemicals used, their stations and application. All these investigations will help us to identify the source of the problem.

4. Identify the source of the problem

Problems can arise from many different causes. We differentiate between different types of problems:

5. Find solutions

Once the problem has been identified, it is recorded in writing. Our specialist staff will work out an individual solution plan for you. This also meand that we check and validate the costs of the solution and, if necessary, develop an alternative if a solution is not profitable. Once the plan is in place, we start preparing and finally implementing the problem-solving method. Finally, we check the results.

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